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PostSubject: WELCOME NEWCOMERS   Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:27 am

Well, due to all the publicity we recently have had, several new members have joined. We appreciate it very much guys, thanks. If you're new here, just read the rules and you'll find your way. Post your RPs first in Character Generation before starting. There is a chatbox at the bottom of the homepage, simply click "Join Chat" or "Log in" on it to talk. We DO have a PM system, and there is a swearing block.

Please obey the mods, all users who display trustworthy actions may be mods. Admins are to be treated with the utmost respect. Moderators here carry weapons we like to call "TF Markers" or "TF Guns", if a user has been acting up, they will alert an admin and TF the user. TFing on this site is purely RP, since we're a Roleplaying site. TF stands for Transformation, and it means you are now what the moderator says you are. This can go to the next level if an Admin gets a hold of you, using the Namechange TF gun. Your username will be changed to whatever they change it to. You can have fun with this, and ask an Admin to namechange TF you if you want.

We do have a gallery, but please do not upload large pictures. Keep them to a minimal size. To get to the galleries, click the camera icon at the top of the screen, it's next to the "HELP" button. From there you can click either "User Personal Galleries" or "My personal gallery". To upload art, click the "My personal gallery", to view others, click "User personal galleries".

Hope you all have fun here!

-HeroMaster, Head of Community
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