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 The Rules : Read 'em

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PostSubject: The Rules : Read 'em   Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:14 am

This is NOT a complete list. Saying "It's not on the rules" is not an excuse, any and all moderators are to be given respect and listened to. If they warn you about something they're keeping you from being banned.

These apply to ALL FORUMS, not just one or two.


No foul or abusive language will be tolerated.
Period. It has no place in our community. Attempts to disguise bad language or bypass the language filters will not be tolerated.

No personal attacks will be allowed.
You’re welcome to disagree with another member’s opinion but attacking (flaming) and insulting another member is not acceptable. Intentionally starting flame wars could cause you to be banned for a while.

No degrading racial comments are allowed.

No drug, alcohol, or tobacco references.
Discussions about or references to drugs and alcohol that serve to promote their usage are not allowed.

No inappropriate references.
There’s no question that Internet is full of degrading inappropriate material and comments. We are not that kind of site.

No Politics.
We prefer that members not get too involved in political discussions because they often result in flaring tempers and flame wars.

No “this vs. that” posts (ie Ford vs Chevy).
These types of threads invoke strong opinions, flaring tempers, and often result in flame wars and mass penalties. These threads will ultimately end up being deleted.

No pointless complaining, moaning, and whining.
This mostly applies to the operation and moderation of the online community. Members will be banned, threads removed, and so on based on the clearly defined rules. Publicly bemoaning the operation of the community and the way the rules are enforced will not put you in good favor with the moderators. If you have a legitimate concern or suggestion, PM a moderator. This also includes "pity threads", meaning ones proclaiming you're leaving, my cat died, etc.

No dangerous or harmful posts.
Posts that encourage members to participate in activities that we deem to be harmful or dangerous to members will be deleted (i.e. lighting things on fire, jumping cars over people etc.). Doing this stuff on other sites is fine, but not here.

No dating topics.
This isn't a dating help site, keep topics about dating, relationships and otherwise, be it online or not, out of here.

No random posts in help me threads.
If you are posting in a help topic, HELP OR DO NO POST. Nothing is more annoying than having a 3 page thread and no-one helping you.

No Trading.
There isn't an official way to do it, therefore don't do it on these forums.


So those are the content rules, these are the posting guidelines. You have to make your posts according to this list, otherwise it will be locked.


Make threads with an appropriate tile.

Your titles should tell you what the thread is about. It shouldn't be a "surprise". There should be "Guess what!" threads. Make the titles mean something.

"Hi there!" is OK.
"I made a new RP" is OK

"Guess what!?" is BAD.
"I just...." is BAD.
"place" is BAD.
"Come see!" is BAD.


Spam is not allowed.


Spell properly. This isn't AIM.

If you want people to take the time to read your post, then take the time to write it out properly. Saying "ru ok wit dat?" may take less type for you to type, but it takes longer for us to read. "Are you ok with that" doesn't take much longer. This isn't a chatroom, type properly.


Do not reply to threads just to reply.
Replying with things like 'uh.. ya' or 'what' doesn't help the thread at all. If you don't have anything to say, don't say it.


Again, this is not a complete list. Changes will be made.

-Armymen3do1 FTW-
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The Rules : Read 'em
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