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PostSubject: /.|DarkStar|.   Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:53 am

"Before the Solar Knight Gaia."

As Theia, called him.

Billions of years ago, The earth was just a barren volcanic planet, Soon to develop into one of the only planets able to sustain advanced and complex systems,

As other races saw this, They soon colonized the moons and other planets, Even created star bases to Orbit Sol.

War's erupted, Thousands died, Federations ripped apart,

All for one planet.

Some thought they could control it, Some thought they could destroy it.

After at least one Gyr (1.1 Billion years) The surface cooled, And it became a watery planet...Life soon appeared randomly...And people began to colonize it..

Theia (The Moon) Was thrown out of orbit, and into the planet, Killing it, And Re-birthing it.

And so, We fight, For the last complex system ever, And the last chance, of saving our galaxy.

Things you should know:

1.You cannot be Human, You must be a different race, The last remaining races will be posted below, One special race will be posted, First on to grab it, get's it.

2.There are empires still left, But ships are scare, And firepower isn't what you think. Ships fall faster then anything. Shields can be negated by certain weaponry.

3. You are not allowed to land upon the earth, as it is reverted to it's Volcanic state.

4. I Will decide your ranking in anything, Civilians are not given ships, Unless they are licensed pilots, Traders, Or Mercenary's. You must be the age of 19+ (Human years) To be upon a ship.

5.You can't steal another Empire's ship, Because each ship is piloted by racial, as certain races use Psi.

6. This is Very complex, I might have to correct others ALOT.

7.Of course, common rules like No ubering, No God-Modding, Stuff like that.

Character Sheet:

Gender: (Certain races have no gender, and rely on Cloning or DNA Pods, Or something else. If there is none, Please put how your species is made.)
Race: (Will be listed below, Custom made made be PM'd.
--Cybernetic Implants: (If any)
--Hair/Fur Color: (Please put N/A If your species has none.)
--Skin Coloring: (Creatures in the Celestial Being group have no Skin color, as they are Large beams of light.)
--Eye color: (Some races have no eyes, Or have the same eye color throughout the entire race.)
--Extra markings:
Ship Name:
Ship Class: (Listed below, Trader ship classes, Military ship classes, and others are posted. Custom's must be PM'd)
Ship Shielding: (Dependent on the Class.)
Ship Hull: (Dependent on the class.)
Ship Abilities: (Listed below, Different for each class.)
Personal Weaponry: (Listed below, Custom's must be PM'd.)
Personal Armor class: (Listed below.)
Personal Armor Material: (This goes with your class, So don't put Any Celestial Skin, when you have Weak armor. >_>)
Personal Vehicle: (Normally Ranging from a Small Land Crawler, To a large XENOcide Carrier. These will not have weapons, as they are Exploration vehicles.)
Back Story:
Species Story: (IF CUSTOM RACE. If not, Put N/A)
Faction: (Empires listed Below, Put N/A if none.)
Military Occupation:(Y/N, ONLY TRUSTED PEOPLE.)
Military Ranking: (I Will assign this, Different among empires.)

-=====Races=====- (Will be Explained later,)


Altumius: (Only 2 Left in Existence.)

Advent: (Only 5000-7000 Left)

Celestial: (Normal Celestial, At least 3 Million Left.)

(Vortilui Classes, These can only be the Vorx Empire and Culi.)

Vori: (Billions. Very common.)

Amfius: (Common Race)

Plumi: (Common Race)

(Karius Classes, Can only be Rufil Empire, And Zenili Empire.)

Ufili: (Common.)

Tili: (Only 350 Left.)

Kurus: (Common)

Holmius: (Only 1.)


Rufil: Masochistic Empire, ruled by Curlius The XXXXXIV. They're the most dangerous faction in the galaxy, they won't stop till they've conquered earth.

Zenili: The more scientific empire, Ruled by Brother Fari. They have no offensive tactic's against any other empire. So this makes them a prime target.

Vorx: The strangest empire, Large organic Buildings, Their ships live, they combine with their ships. Not much is known about them.

Cudlafraen: Probably the smallest empire, but the oldest. Said to break apart later due to rouge planets housing celestials and hiding them from the Federation.

Buccaneer: Anyone can be this faction, THEY'RE PIRATES!

00-00-Ship Class-00-00

(Trader Classes)

Piranha: Very small, Can only hold a crew of 10-15, Used for smuggling small amounts of cargo, and transporting small cargo.

Hailer: A Medium size ship, carries larger amounts of cargo, can hold a crew of 20-30.

Big Bass: A Medium-Large Sized ship, carries a large amount of cargo, and has it's own Engineering Pad. Crew can be from 45-65

Theia: The largest class ship, Able to carry EXTREMELY large amounts cargo, even small ships..Crew size is 80-100

(Military Classes)

Fighter/Bomber: Strike craft, Used for taking out cruisers and Larger ships.

Frigate: Frigates are used for scouting, Patrols, And taking out light resistance. They normally fill all roles.

Cruisers: Cruisers are larger then Frigates, they can range from Carriers, Support ships, Anti-Strike craft, Basically everything.

Motherships: Motherships are very large, they can be Colonizing ships, Support, Assault, Planetary Bombardment, You name it.

Portable/Orbital Cannon: A Cannon used for either taking out Large forces, Bombarding planets from long ranges, Or even, Imploding stars.

Titan: Titans are one of the jewels of an Empire, EXTREMELY Small amounts of titans are created, Once you see one, You'll never see anything like it again.

Super Titan: The greatest and strongest type of ship, Only 1 per empire, They could destroy an entire colonized system within a matter of hours.

Star-base: Star bases Orbit small stars, Normally Dwarfs, they hold mass amounts of firepower, And can bring an entire fleet to it's knee's.

(Pirate Classes)

Pirate Cutthroat: The all-around frigate class pirate ship, Used for raiding small systems.

Pirate Blaster: The Cruiser class Ship for pirates, Normally used for Planetary Bombardment and Plundering.

Pirate Dizter: The Heaviest ship they have, More of a cruiser then Mother-ship.)

(***Ship Abilities***)

Harvester of Sorrow: (TITAN ONLY) This ravenger of death and destruction sends a large shell to the surface of the planet and ignites the atmosphere..

Plantery Siege Platform: (MOTHERSHIP ONLY) This lays a Siege platform which fires large shells at the surface of the planet, and others.

Scout drones: (FRIGATE ONLY): Fires a Drone into the system that the ship is going to jump to before it happens, links up with the other ships if in a fleet.

Hull Eating Nanites: (Cruiser Only) Fire's Nanites that slowly eat away the enemy hull, Shields must be down first.

Migration Cannon: (Cruiser, Mothership, and Super Titan only.) Fires a Colony pod down to the surface of a planet, Some races cannot live on certain planets.

Scramble Bombers: (Cruiser and mothership only.) Scrambles 3 Squadrons of heavy bombers to attack enemy Ships.

Steal/Plunder (Pirate Blaster Only) Steals from empire stashes without alerting other people.


--Gives the Most mobility.
--Least Protection.
--Bag for carrying 1 or 2 Small arms.

--Gives the average amount of Mobility
--Average Defense
--Bags for Carrying extra weaponry.

--Gives the Most protection.
--Give the least Mobility.
--Extra bags for Carrying bigger weapons.

Planet Sheet:

Planet Name:
Land Type:(Like desert, mountainous, etc.)
Water percentage: (0% - 98%)
Land colors:(Self explanatory.)
Highest mountain range:(Name.)
Mountain Ranges:(Number, names preferred.)
Waterfalls:(Number, names preferred.)
Main language:
Oceans:(Number, names.)
Lakes:(Number, names.)
Rivers:(Number, names.)
Continents:(Number, names.)
Countries:(Number. Names of importance.)
Geothermal Hot-spots:(Numbers, names would be nice.)
Landmarks:(Names. Optional.)
Size:(1 is dwarf, 100 is massive.)
Population:(1,000 is minimum.)
Metropolis networks:(Number, names preferred.)
Massive cities:
Ancient settlements:
Government System: (OPTIONAL: Meaning, What type of government is it?)
Dominant species:
Other sentient species:
Minor species:(Not needed.)
Pollution:(1 is barely a smoke particle in the air, 100 is hazmat suits found in stores and gas-masks are the popular headgear.)
Moons:(Number, names.)
Orbital trade-ports:
Orbital defense systems:
Orbital docks:
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