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 Percy Jackson and The Olympians- The Lightning Thief- Movie Review

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PostSubject: Percy Jackson and The Olympians- The Lightning Thief- Movie Review   Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:23 pm


Whew. Quite a mouthful, that title.


Anyway, back to business.

As an overall summary of the movie, I'd have to give it a 5/10. My reasons?

The movie rips apart the book.

After being constantly nagged by my little brother to read the book, I finally picked it up and found that it was a great read. I enthusiastically agreed to go to the movies, and so we were off. Our local theater literally puts 'theater' in Movie Theater. To our luck, my brother and I chose perfect seats, front and center. Other moviegoers made a wide berth around our field of vision, giving us 100% view of the movie. Let me tell you, it makes it that much better at the end of the movie when you're at the edge of your seat, waiting for the movie to end so you can go to the bathroom. In all truth, the movie had amusingly cheesy quotes, great humor, fast-paced fighting and excellent CGI effects. It doesn't compare to 'Avatar' or '2012', but it was well worth the money spent. On the other hand, the movie completely diverted from the book, leaving the viewer frustrated and confused. Several things I was looking forward to was the confrontation with Ares' daughter, Ares himself, Percy falling off some bridge who's obscure name I can't recall, and the 'full' Underworld. To add to the mess, Persephone was in the Underworld, and anyone who gives a crap about Greek History knows that she only lives in the Underworld during the fall and winter seasons. I would have liked to have seen their perception of heaven, since the Underworld isn't ALL hell. Those who have done a good to humanity get spared from the flames and demons...Right?


Guess not.

I found it pre-climactic when Poseidon met with Zeus right at the beginning of the book. That was a spoiler within a movie. No fun. Persephone was too lusty. Yech. Poseidon was too friendly to Percy. In the book, he regarded him tersely, even after Percy went through a crapload of stuff to prove that he was not the Lightning Thief. When they talked, part of me rooted for Percy to give his god-dad a hug, and the other hoped he just gave him a friendly 'bro pat' and left. And then they did that awkward...Handshake...Thing. Kay.

I liked how Grover was a womanizer. That was funny.

Y'know, I figured that the trio were pre-teens, not young adults.

They skipped out on a WHOLE lot of confrontations in LA and Hollywood. Seriously. Get your priorities straight.

Sad to say, the movie lacked a certain realism. As I am a serious roleplayer, I tend to notice these things. No matter how much Annabeth bragged, her fighting had no tactic. It was only flair. I found that when Percy was hit directly in the chest with Zeus' bolt AND fell about twenty stories onto a low income skyscraper and he just...Got up..Well..There you have it.

PJTOTLT was like taking characters from the book, aging them three years, and putting them in an entirely different story, but an amusing one at that.

P.S. After leaving the cinema, my dad asked that I walk my dogs in return for driving my brother and I to the theater. I complained, exclaiming that I "Did them in the afternoon."

Well. That came out wrong.
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Percy Jackson and The Olympians- The Lightning Thief- Movie Review
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