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 My new characters

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PostSubject: My new characters   Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:14 am

I feel kind of obliged to write this, as I have dumped all my previous roleplaying characters. Names like Lucius Dark and the typical tan anime dude was just too typical for me. So I'm making a new list of characters, with some unexpected changes.

Sefius Cerazeno- Sinister Servant, otherwise currently unused.

Sefius is a pending race, either a human or a mouse anthro when it is permitted.

If he is a human, he is about 4 and a half feet-runty. If he is a mouse..Well..He's whatever size a mouse is.

He'll also be a Kumi, if given the chance.

His age is from 12-15.
Sefius is for my Modern RPGS, Modern fiction mostly.
His appearance for a human is collar length, straight grayish hair, sky blue eyes, glasses. He wears a white hoodie with a black T-shirt. Grey cargo pants. Black sneakers. If he is a mouse he has white fur and black hair, with the fringes dyed dark blue.

He likes writing down things about the people he meets in a journal that he carries around.

He is constantly tortured by his six psychotic sisters that lead him on all sorts of zany adventures.
Side- Light

Syrec DuKail- Currently unused.

Pending race- either a human or a panther anthro when permitted.

If he is human, he is about six feet tall. Same for Panther anthro form.

His age is from 16-29.
Syrec is for my fantasy RPGs.
He has either normal skin tone or black fur with blue markings. He has dark, dark brown eyes. If he is human, he has collar length brown hair, and if he is a panther, he has loose blue hair. He has a white inverted tattoo on his left shoulder, and wears steel sleeves that are not connected to his shirt. They connect with long bracers on his forearms. He wears a black shirt and a steel-balled necklace. He wears various belts on his shirt and carries a faintly blue curved dagger and a battered longsword with red runic inscriptions. He wears dust colored baggy linens that are adorned with greaves and go into his shin length leather boots. The tip of his tail, if in anthro form, is blue.
Syrec is usually a mercenary and delights in hunting down his targets. He has a good heart, but is just misguided.
Side-Chaotic Good.

Dakkin Char- Currently unused.
Dakkin is a human.
He is about 6'1.
His age is from 19 to 30.
He is used for Sci-Fi and such.
He has collar length black hair, dark green eyes and a slightly tannish skin tone. He has a dark red ribbed jacket and black pants with a yellow stripe down the side. He wears metal boots and has a chain on his pants. He has a pistol holster on his leg.
Dakkin is a smuggler and pilot for hire. He delights in conflicts because he often profits from those. He too has a good heart, but it is taken over by money. He will bend to its will unless strongly convinced otherwise.
Side-Chaotic Neutral

I may add more later.
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My new characters
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