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 List of Characters

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PostSubject: List of Characters   Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:40 pm


Jir'nn Qailyn (Star Wars)
Moff Andrews Davin (Star Wars)
Aro Mak Aderson (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Matt Greggory (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Anders Jacobson (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Orlando Reeva (New Millennium: NM : Rain)
The mysterious GUV "leader" with no name (New Millennium)
DIM (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Captain Airfalcon (New Millennium)
Emily and Emma (New Millennium, NM :Rain)
Jake Andrews (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Jillian Starfyr (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
General Anderson (New Millennium, NM: Rain)
General Greggory (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Steve Cheres (NM : Rain)
Yullen Hooder (NM : Rain)
The "Captain" (New Millennium)
Guardian King (NM : Rain)
Mr. Pilot (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Richard Mullen (NM : Rain)
Fred Greemer (NM : Rain)
Ungen Theem (NM :Rain)
Fredderick Meekyn'r (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Bob Meekyn'r (New Millennium, NM : Rain)
Johnathan Jull'nn (NM : Rain)

More may be added


Markus Yemen (No story available)
Arom Urugay (No story available)
Julian Ricard (No story available)


Markus Reach (The Laboratory)
Sophia Parky (The Laboratory)
Mr. Mark Northern (The Laboratory)
Angela Northern (The Laboratory)
Emily (The Laboratory)
Jayk Thompson (The Laboratory, Listener)
Jon Tanner (Listener)
Kris (Listener)
Mist Wolf (Listener)
Sonny and Lighter Wolf (Listener)
Clea Bat (Listener)
Iris Hawk (Listener)
Leider Bat (Listener)

More will be added. As you can see, New Millennium is my most widely made personal world.
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List of Characters
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